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Welcome to the wonderfull world of leggings!

Last updated : 2005/04/19

When I was young, I really loved to see young ladies wearing leggings. I loved the way they were hugging the legs and I loved the soft materials they were made of. Those wonderfull pants are usually made of around 90% cotton and 10% lycra for a maximum softness and elasticity. I am not quite sure about when the leggings fashion was born but I know that I took noticed of it in the mid eighties. They were first mostly used as fitnesswear. A couple of years later, they started to come out of the gyms and they were worn mostly by young (from 13 to 40 years old) ladies as casual pants with oversized sweaters and legwarmers. Every colors and lengths were available. From the late eighties to the early nineties another pant design that was very popular since many years (Stirrup pant) was added to the already existing leggings design to provide an alternative style to those tights. Elastized waistband and cotton/lycra material from leggings were features that were married to the feet stirrups and the wide knees look of stirrup pants to create an incredibly wonderfull and sexy pant design. Every young ladies that I knew were wearing those pants. Arround 1993, another kind of leggings was becoming popular, a shape that was not as tight as the previous standard legging shape. It looked a little bit like stirrup pants without stirrups. At the same time, stirrup pants and leggings started to become less popular in young ladies closets (girls were starting to wear palazo and flared pants instead). They became mostly worn by 40 and more years old ladies instead. Those ladies also started to wear those pants inside the sox and inside the boots. As the years were going by, stirrup pants became a wear-at-home casual apparel and leggings got back to the gym. By the late nineties, stirrup pants completely dissapeared (saddly) and leggings became very rare. For the new millenium, a new generation of leggings was born : The boot cut leggings. They are like half leggings and half jogging pants. Those pants are extremely fashionable and worn by ladies from 10 to 40 years old. Those leggings are usually made of cotton/lycra with a larger elasticized waistband than the previous generation, they are hugging the hips to the knees and they are tightless between the knees and the feet. Those leggings are mostly worn with tank tops so everybody can see the shape of the butt (Privilege that was rare with the previous generation). Altough the new generation is very exciting, I still hope to see standard leggings and stirrup pants being worn by beautifull ladies. That is why I have ended up with this tribute to leggings & stirrup pants website.