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Hi! everybody, I saw something really nice this week! I'm working in a music store and I saw a 28-29 year-old well shaped lady wearing a nice camo colored skirt with black cotton lycra leggings like we used to see about 15 years ago. Her leggings looked so soft on her well shaped legs...
The legmaster

I was 30, and worked with a female co-worker, that was petite. She wore leggins a few times.  Finally, she wore a pair of light gray, which showed her shape off perfectly. I wrote her a note, it said,
"Nice hips, thighs, and but". I signed it with a smiley face, and a tongue hanging out, and the eyes
looking down.  She giggled.  Soon, she wore a pair of purple leggins.  She came out to my work station, and I gave her a back rub.  A few months later, she wore a skin tight, Lycra mini-dress.  She
was taunting me.  But her husband was there, so I didn't  act.
I began noticing, than I got a hard-on, seeing full-figured women wearing Leotards.  I have a Fantasy
about my Shapely Aunt.
Really nice site!
When I was arround 10 years old, the most beautiful girl in my class was wearing lycra stirrup pants. One day, I had a five minutes opportunity (when everyone was in gym class) to try these pants. It felt incredibly soft and stretchy. Recently, I bought a pair in a second hand store for my girlfriend. When she is not at home, I like to try these on... It is like a self bondage.


I was in highschool... it was in march 1993, people were talking about a new young female teacher. One day, I was walking into the hall and then I saw that beautifull young lady walking accross the hall. she was wearing black silky stirrup pants! I could not resist, I had to look! It was the cuttest thing I had ever seen! I could not take my eyes of that stretchy look the foot straps were giving to the leg, to the knees and to her buttocks... Those were the days!


Hi! I got a special leggings related experience for ya! I am a fat guy and for a strange reason, I have always been attracted to skinny chicks like supermodels. I have always wondered what would it be like to feel fat while making love to a bonny chick. I love to feel like a teddybear. A couple of years ago, I have met a skinny girlfriend. One night I have found and old pair of black leggings in her dressing. Those leggings looked like they have been worn a lot in the past and they were incredibly soft. I have always had a crush for leggings too. I almost never saw a thin girl wearing leggings so I have started to wonder how my girlfriend would look with those tights. I was a bit nervous to ask her but after a couple of days, I have decided to ask her anyway. She laught a little bit at first but after a couple of minutes, she decided to take the tights with her to the bathroom. She got out of the bathroom five minutes later wearing fresh make-up, a tiny tank top and of course, those sexy leggings. The leggings were relatively tight but her legs were so skinny that the leggings were becoming a bit loose arround the knees and at the bottom of her butt. I have decided to slide my big hands on her little bonny butt and it was the softest thing that I had ever toutched in my whole life. Then, I have made sweet love to her. Sometimes, she is still wearing them for me. You see, I am 5,10,, and I weight about 200 lbs. I atempt to reach 260 lbs by the end of the year in order to feel more fat and more comfortable while making love to my skinny girlfriend wearing leggings.


When I was about 10 years old, my mom was wearing soft black leggings with a small sweather that was falling around the waistband. I dont wanna sound weird or pervert but I could not put my eyes of her while she was walking through the house. Those pants looked so soft that everytime that she was wearing that outfit, I was begging her to carry me in her harms all day long like if I was her big baby. After a couple of times, she accepted to give it a try. She carried me in her arms many times like if I was her big baby. I felt so loved and confortable in her arms. I felt heavy but light at the same time. I managed myself to wear shorts for these occasions so I could feel the soft texture of her leggings between my legs when she was walking through the house. Dont worry, I was not in love with her, I just wanted to feel what it would be like to be her big baby again when she was wearing leggings. What a great memory...


Well James, I have a story that is similar to yours. When I was 8 years old, I had to go to my grant mother s house for a week. My grant mother was everything but a conventional granny. She was about 50 years old , she was a beautifull lady and she looked a lot younger. I remember seeing her wearing black stirrup pants with elasticized waistband. I was incredibly fascinated by the soft and stretchy look of her pants. I wanted to be so close to those pants that I wanted her to carry me in her arms. I was a little bit shy because I was chubby and she was thin so I could not figure if she would be able to carry me for several minutes. I finaly decided to ask her if she could take me in her arms. I still remember her sweet voice answering : of course big baby, come on... and then, she took me in her arms and she was carrying me all arround the house while singing some funny songs. I felt incredibly comfortable and this is the best memory of my childhood.


Hi! Folks, My name is Anthony and I love to see my girlfriend wearing cotton lycra leggings. She is wearing them mostly arround home because she knows that I like it. Sometimes, I even convince her to wear them in public. I like when she wears them in public because usualy, when a lady is wearing soft and tight materials, it is because she wants to be nice to her man. I like when people take notice that my lady wants to be nice to me. There is more, leggings are out for years so when a lady is wearing them in public, it is for a good reason. I love to see her showing her well shaped legs wearing soft black leggings. I like to touch her soft butt behind that stretchy material. It just turns me on!